Monday, May 30, 2011

Pan's People Dancing to "Jeepster"

Flick Colby, member and choreographer of Pan's People died over the weekend. I'm too young to remember Pan's People on Top of the Pops; Legs & Co were the first dance act I remember, so what I've seen of them comes from YouTube or the odd TOTP2 show.

I wish I could remember them, because I think they were great. My favourite routine is the one above. It's bright, raunchy and a bit dumb, which, let's face it, is perfect for a T-Rex hit. The 70s are getting a bit of a bad press at the moment, we're being led to believe it was all strikes, spaghetti hoops, football hooligans and going cap in hand to the IMF. Me, I think it's a decade with a long reach.

I'll leave the last word to Clive James. The quote below is from his TV Review in the Observer on March 30th, 1980 (for context, he was criticizing dance troupes of the time like  Hot Gossip, whom were appearing on the Kenny Everett show in stocking and suspenders).
 There was never a sexier television dance group than Pan’s People at the height of their fame, and that was because they gave you what is known among traditional jazz-men as a flash. You can’t have a flash without a skirt.
He's right, you know. RIP, Flick.


  1. I can vaguely remember Pan's People cavorting on TOTP.

    Thanks for the Jeepster link, a fine routine to a fine tune!

    I think Pan's People also spent time appearing on the Two Ronnies?

  2. You're showing your age there, Jimmy. Good job you added that "vaguely". I think you're right about The Two Ronnies. Doesn't seem right for some reason. A bunch of hippy chicks in lycra on The Two Ronnies.

  3. I googled it and they did indeed appear on The Two Ronnies. Amazing.
    Yes, age. Indeed the mid Forties is a cross some of us have to bear before others!!!

  4. Let's not forget Hot Gossip as well. Somewhat more full on than Pan's or Legs & Co. If I remember rightly I think I got my first boner to Pan's people. Ah happy days (sniff!)

  5. I see you didn't forget Hot Gossip. Sorry. The excitement got to me.

  6. I remember Hot Gossip from the Kenny Everett show in the 80s. Along with Cleo Rocos, they made the 12-year old Thumper feel a bit "different".