Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Silverwing: Unarmed & Ready

 With the news that Mr H is going to unleash a NWOBHM special on an unsuspecting internet via his Get Ready to Rock Radio show, and that the playlist to this show will include Silverwing, I thought I'd share with you the photo above, one of the more striking band images from my collection of early Kerrang!s. Looking at the image what comes into your mind? The Lidl Duran Duran, perhaps? Grampian TV's version of The Six Million Dollar Man? So many thoughts can run through your head it's easy to see why Kerrang said at the time that they "remain an enigma outside of their home town of Macclesfield".

The full page photo appeared in Kerrang! no 14 (the same one which had Wikkyd Vikker among the bands in the Armed & Ready section) and overleaf we were also treated to "Silverwing's Personal Kolumn", which featured the band's answers to that odd questionnaire that Kerrang! sent out to bands at that time, where questions such as Date of Birth and Favourite Book shared the foolscap with Favourite Perversion and Size of the Prize. The answers to the questionnaire bring some long-forgotten flotsam and jetsam of 1982 back to your mind as, for example, "Sian Adley-Jones" and "Thereza Bazar" are listed among the answers to Sex Object. Then, lead guitarist Trevor Kirkpatrick catches you unawares somewhat by listing "T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land and Thomas Hardy's poems" as his favourite books. Unfortunately though, he then breaks the spell by then listing "OTT" as his favourite TV show and "12 year old girls" as his favourite perversion. 1982 was a different world.


  1. There's little one can say about some surly lads hanging around dodgy old Land Rovers.

    Heh heh "Let's Off Road"

  2. Do I rember reading that Silverwing had a mate lighting their "FLASH-PANS" by hand. That would have been hilarious to see! ;-)

    1. You remember correctly. The roadie in question was Jes (Benny) Coombes and he used to crawl across the stage with a lighter....I know, because I was their singer at that time (i.e. the '70's)
      Cheers, Pete Lawson.

  3. Jimmy,
    I'm not sure that silverwing were up to being surly. I reckon they could have carried off "miffed", and at a push, "stroppy", but "surly"? That would have been beyond them I think.

    Are you suggesting that the "Macclesfield Kiss" had the "Macclesfield Kiss Stage Effects"? You would be able to do that these days. Health and Safety and all that.

  4. Health and safety be damned! I SET MYSELF ON FIRE EVERY NIGHT ON STAGE!!! Well I would if I was in a band and could play a guitar or sing.

    Whatever happened to Silverwing anyway? Are they all in other bands? Or have they reformed for some eighties Nostalgia tour?!?

  5. Guy on far right of picture: That perm is scary

  6. It was all Geoff Bartons fault;
    (Sounds, 18/06/83)

    Silverwing and Rox keep the glam rock flag flying with new records over the next month.

    Macclesfield mascara boys Silverwing release their debut album on Bullet Records on June 20. It's called 'Alive And Kicking' and includes their last two singles together with live versions of their 'Rock And Roll Are Four Letter Words' vinyl debut and Japan's 'Adolescent Sex', recorded at the recent Salford Glam Rock Festival.

    Metal shock rock merchants from Manchester Rox have signed to Music For Nations and will be releasing a single - as yet untitled - next month. This will be their secind 45, following on from the near legendary 'Hot Love In The City'. The five piece band are also recording an album.

  7. Barton was to blame for many things...

  8. Barton championed the greatest ever Glam band... the mighty KISS!!!

  9. The Silverwing legend continues to grow and will endure! http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=silverwing