Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Solid Ball of Pewter

Anyone remember these? Jewelery for headbangers was a fairly specialist industry back in the day. Usually this meant skin-rashing pendants made of pewter (whatever pewter is, I can't find it anywhere in the precious metals section of the periodic table), but the ones above were actually made of silver. Bet that Magnum one sold like hot cakes.


  1. I'm drawn towards the mighty Sword of Chaos.
    Good to see the postal address is Birmingham , those pendants must have been forged in the fiery furnaces of the West Midlands, Britain's industrial powerhouse, and home to many poncey jewellers.

  2. "Hallmarked Silver" does sound a bit poncy for a metal pendant, doesn't it? They should be made of British Steel, and there should be a Judas Priest Razor Blade, a Motorhead Ace of Spades and a Rush Naked-guy-in-front-of-that-star-thing. Van Halen - huh!

  3. I'm sure I recognise that address from mail order specialist "jazz" mags from back in the day. I hate to think what they used as lubricant in the jewellery department.

  4. I remember these articles of silverware, and despite the many bad mistakes I made in youth, wearing the Led Zep symbol around my scrawny neck was not one of them.

  5. Mr. H,
    Yup, a post on penpals followed by a post on Mail Order Ads. Those who thought this blog would be full of thin nostalgia must be feeling pretty stupid now, eh?

    How about a denim jacket with a back patch featuring a badly-rendered picture of the cover of "The Number of the Beast"?